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It’s World Bullying Prevention Month - Here's How You Can Take Action Against Bullying!


Bullying doesn't really need an introduction. Unfortunately, we all know it, have either witnessed or experienced it. Bullying surfaces in different forms and on different platforms, but it always leaves a trace in the person experiencing it, potentially causing long and severe effects on their life.

Although tough themes such as bullying are better to be dealt delicately in class, it's good to get the facts straight: bullying is an illegal action banned with laws on both state and national levels around the world.

Bullying easily creates feelings of loneliness and isolation. Whether you are a principal, a teacher, or a student, show your support if you know or suspect someone is experiencing bullying. Everyone deserves to know they are seen, valued, and helped. By fighting to bully and spreading kindness you are making a change on a personal and a systemic level. Be brave and be an example.

If you are experiencing any kind of bullying, reach out. It might seem hard, but you are worth appreciation and love as you are. Speak to a trusted person: a family or community member, friend, or healthcare professional. Bullying is illegal and should not be tolerated under any circumstances. 

--> Find help, information, and ideas for support at STOMP Out Bullying.

Henriikka Heinonen

Henriikka Heinonen

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