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How to Measure Student Success Through Social-Emotional Skills


The pressure put on today's children and teenagers is overwhelming. They should be top of the class academically and athletically, engage as active community members, take responsibility at home, school, and sometimes work. Then there is the whole social scene: most of us remember how it felt to try to fit in, make a good impression and try to make sense of oneself, and find a place in the world.

As there is not one precise source for the pressure, it can be frustrating to try to tackle the feeling of not being enough. Even if no one is explicitly articulating these demands, we are continuously receiving messages of not being enough, needing to be more and better.

It's very much about looks, you could argue. When we only see certain kinds of examples of what "succeeding" means, we learn to value only a very narrow range of qualities and accomplishments. If this model is not challenged, the pressure will keep on building up, the stakes only getting higher as years and duties add up.

This development is something we at School Day want to change. There's definitely room for broadening our understanding of success. No one is at their sharpest all the time. Not everything can be measured in productivity. Everyone has their heart on their sleeve sometimes. Not being okay is also called being human, and pushing negative feelings aside is not sustainable in a long run.

Speaking openly about the whole spectrum of emotions – the good and the bad – is such a brave thing to do, and it can have remarkable significance for the people around you.

Here's a list of things we want everyone to see as a sign of success:

✅ Taking a break when needing it. Actually, take it a bit earlier – try not to bring yourself onto the edge of managing.

✅ Accepting that not every day is your day. Play it as it lays.

✅ Observing how others are doing. Is someone near you not well? Ask how they are, give them a hug, bring them fruit, or take some of their workloads off if you have the means.

✅ Not overachieving all the time. The show will go on even if you didn't give your everything to it.

✅ Being openly your imperfect SEL-f! Our world needs more kindness and honesty. 💙

Any suggestions of your own? Share them with the community in the comments section!

Henriikka Heinonen

Henriikka Heinonen

Guest Writer
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