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Happy National Principals Month! Here's How You Can Show Your Gratitude to Your Principal


Schools are pretty magical places. A melting pot of great minds and inspiration, they bring together knowledge, experience, and innovativeness from students and staff alikeSupporting creativity and imagination while making sure the curriculum is followed land on the shoulders of principals, and that, by no meansis an easy job.

Ensuring the quality of teaching, as well as endorsing the diversity of skills and abilities, ideas, and views of the school community is something we rarely pay attention to, especially when everything's rolling smoothly. The work done by principals is often invisible, yet without it, we would be lost. The number of duties is huge, from administrational tasks to maintaining close and trusting relationships with staff and students.

Unfortunately, more than often principals find themselves standing alone. The demands are manyfold, but the support doesn't accord. Even if the job requires independence, no one can go forever without help and some backing from others.

The last year and a half have once again shown the resourcefulness and determination of principals, navigating through a storm unprecedented. Keeping it all together without knowing what tomorrow will bring, trying to check in on teachers and students from the other side of a screen, has added up to the already hovering tower of responsibilities.

To all the principals out there – thank you for your tireless efforts for your community and beyond. Your job is valuable, and so are you. Do not shy from asking for help when you need it. 

Show your gratitude!  

We encourage school communities to show their appreciation for their principal. How about recording or painting a greeting with your class and putting it somewhere on the show? Or teaming up with other teachers to organize a surprise thank you at a meeting or school assembly? If time allows, why not throw a party at recess or after school hours? You can also always share School Day with your principal to help them to help your school better ;)

Showing that you care doesn't need to be anything flashy. Grab a cup of coffee and have a chat with your principal. Exchange views and show that you care and appreciate their work. Ask how they are. Just saying thank you is a simple yet powerful sign of caring. For more ideas, visit the official website of the National Principal's Month.

Henriikka Heinonen

Henriikka Heinonen

Guest Writer
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