Report on the State of Student Wellbeing:
American Schools Are Suffering From Long-term COVID

Screenshot of School Day's State of Wellbeing 2022 Study Report with findings that American Schools Are Suffering From Long-term COVID
School Day has from January 2020 to June 2022, surveyed Elementary, Middle, and High school students globally, including in 44 states and 300 school districts in the US, and collected 7 million data points on the development of student wellbeing throughout the pandemic.

The pandemic isolated students at their most vulnerable stage and brought uncertainty to what should be the safest place for kids and young adults to explore, learn, and grow. It deprived many students at a critical age of life skills needed for academic success and building their own self-worth and meaningful relationships.

Download the full report for:
Critical data about the true impact of the pandemic on schools
Key findings on how student wellbeing continues to be affected after schools re-opened
How American students are doing on a global scale
Best practices on how to tackle these critical issues

"The post-pandemic repercussions will be felt for years to come in schools. It is urgent that school leaders use data to help inform the next steps." - says Dr. Matthew M. Murphy Superintendent of Schools, Ramsey, NJ.
Picture explaining that american high-school students are less enthusiastic to study since the pandemic
Picture explaining that american students are unmotivatedand feel decline in task performance due covid
Picture explaining that american middle school students feel less supported than during the pandemic home schooling
Screenshot of School Day's platform highlighting Mobile Mockup

About School Day

School Day is the best platform to measure and manage your students’ wellbeing and social-emotional skills. We are Education Alliance Finland certified, and a Microsoft Education and SETDA Emerging Markets partner. The School Day survey consists of 64 short statements around four main wellbeing areas: Learning, Social & Emotional Skills, Social Relationships, and Health. Answers are collected anonymously to ensure students answer openly and honestly.

The model relies on 30 years of empirical research and extensive collaborations with leading Finnish and international universities and research institutions such as University of Helsinki and AI in Learning Consortium. Our Social & Emotional Skills area applies OECD content and framework, and School Day content is CASEL-aligned.