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School Day Videos

You can watch any or all of the videos below to gain a better understanding of how the School Day Wellbeing Service works and how it improves student wellbeing and SEL skills. 

Meet Eddie!

When kids feel better, they learn better. At School Day, we continuously ask students questions about their wellbeing, analyze the data, and provide real-time insights and easily implementable solutions to the most pressing issues.

How It Works

School Day collects and analyzes data on student wellbeing, explains trends, and provides easily implementable solutions - all to develop student wellbeing and improve learning outcomes.

Quick Guide for Students

Short introduction video for students about School Day Wellbeing Service. See where to find it and how to use it.

School Day in a Browser

Students can use School Day Wellbeing also in a web browser! See this short video on how to use it.

Quick Guide for Teachers

Short introduction video for teachers about School Day Wellbeing Insights. Where to find it and how to get started quickly.

School Day Overview - Webinar

Eduscape School Day intro webinar about how to utilize our service, hosted in December 2019.

Social-Emotional Wellness with Microsoft Teams

School Day Onboarding Video for Teachers