School Day Wellbeing

When students feel better, they learn better. That’s why we have created digital service designed to improve wellbeing and social emotional learning in K12 education. We ask students questions about their wellbeing, analyze the data, and provide real-time insight. Our service highlights what’s going well in the classroom and provides easily implementable solutions to the most pressing issues before they become problems. From the classroom to school and district level, we help students and educators around the world learn how wellbeing improves learning outcomes.

School Day School Wellbeing Service Overview

Amplify Student Voice

Help your students express their feelings in a safe and anonymous environment and show them how their wellbeing affects their learning.

Get Proactive Insight

Stay on the pulse of how your students are feeling and how their wellbeing is developing to make better pedagogical decisions.

Better Student Wellbeing

Identify emerging wellbeing issues and use ready-made easily implementable solutions to develop the wellbeing of your whole class.

School Day Student App

Students receive short questions about their wellbeing frequently. The questions are about their Learning, Social-Emotional Skills, Social Relationships, and Wellness. Answering is quick, easy, and fun.

School Day School and Classroom Insights

Teachers get insight into how students are feeling and how their wellbeing is developing over time. This enables better pedagogical decisions and identifies emerging wellbeing issues before they become a problem.

School Day School and Classroom Insights

Leaders are provided with a dashboard overview of wellbeing trends and development on the school and district level. This supports better long-term planning and makes it easier to focus efforts for better results.

Why Use Our Service?

School Day District Leader

District Leader

We help you make your district #1 in wellbeing.

• Focus district development around wellbeing

• Calculate and develop wellbeing score

• Your schools place their students first

School Day School Leader

School Leader

Manage and lead your school's wellbeing.

• Easier decision-making

• Focused efforts for better results

• Overview of school's wellbeing

• Solutions to most burning issues

School Day Teacher Benefits


When students feel better you can focus on teaching.

• Students' wellbeing made transparent

• Research-based insight

• Easily implementable solutions

School Day Student Benefits


You are heard.

• We amplify your voice

• Not left alone with your feelings

• Learn how your feelings affect your learning

The Power Behind School Day

Based on Extensive Research

The School Day Wellbeing Model relies on 30 years of empirical research in school wellbeing and social-emotional learning. Our main research work unfolds through a multi-professional ecosystem of companies and researchers in AI in Learning initiative. The model covers four main themes: Learning, Social and Emotional Skills, Social Relationships, and Wellness.


Powered by AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the world. It impacts societies, organizations, work, and education, and it is becoming more and more a part of everyday life.

Here's What Our Customers Are Saying



4th Grade Student, SYK School

"When we come to school and answer School Day's questions on our iPads, it actually makes me feel better and makes going to school more fun."
Leonardo Paz

Leonardo Paz

Professor, Colegio Alemán de Cali

"School Day makes my life as a teacher so much easier. I wish I had it earlier. It helps to have a meaningful face-to-face conversation with students."
Jukka Sormunen

Jukka Sormunen

Chief of General Upper Secondary Education, City of Kuopio

"With School Day, we have been able to direct support for students and the work of special needs teachers, and improved pedagogical teaching methods."