School Day Partners with PowerSchool to Support Student Wellbeing


School Day is teaming up with PowerSchool, a leading provider of K-12 education application technology supporting over 45 million students in over 70 countries. PowerSchool helps schools and districts efficiently manage instruction, learning, grading, attendance, assessment, analytics, state reporting, special education, student regi...

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School Day Is a Holistic Support System for Schools


Forbes magazine listed Marc Brackett's book Permission to Feel as one of the must-reads of 2019. In his book, Brackett lists four essential features for effective SEL (social and emotional learning) strategies. As School Day also includes SEL, we can't resist comparing our service to Brackett's list. "The best SEL approaches are systematic, no...

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Student Wellbeing and Academic Achievement


School performance and student wellbeing have been widely studied in education and psychology, but most often separately or individually in connection to other factors in learning. Little is known about their reciprocal effect. School Day focuses on the effect of wellbeing on learning. We give voice to students so that their wellbeing status b...

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Positive Development in Student Wellbeing


It is a pleasure to write about student wellbeing when there is something positive to report, and now there is! The wellbeing of middle school students has improved in many ways during the last ten years. This was discovered in a longitudinal study (Konu & Lintonen 2019) in which middle school students were asked questions about four areas of t...

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School Day Is the First Finnish Company at SXSW Edu!


The South by Southwest (SXSW) Education Conference & Festival is an annual event that celebrates groundbreaking work in education. It fosters innovation in learning through competitions, which serve as a vehicle to showcase fresh ideas and solutions and ultimately connect these ideas to the community for impact. School Day has been shortlisted ...

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School Day Travels in Europe and the US


This autumn School Day has traveled in Europe and the US discussing wellbeing with students, educators, tech developers and researchers. In Ireland we visited VSWare to discuss partnership and co-operation. In the US we have traveled both West Coast and East Coast meeting Superintendents, school and district leaders, potential partners and cre...

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School Day at Dare to Learn - Festival for Rethinking Education


At Dare to Learn Festival this month School Day competed for GESAwards. Global EdTech Startup Awards is the world's largest EdTech startup competition with more than 2,500 applications from startups around the world, out of which a group of leading education innovation organizations will identify, showcase and recognize the world's most promising E...

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