Student Wellbeing and Academic Achievement


School performance and student wellbeing have been widely studied in education and psychology, but most often separately or individually in connection to other factors in learning. Little is known about their reciprocal effect. School Day focuses on the effect of wellbeing on learning. We give voice to students so that their wellbeing status b...

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Positive Development in Student Wellbeing


It is a pleasure to write about student wellbeing when there is something positive to report, and now there is! The wellbeing of middle school students has improved in many ways during the last ten years. This was discovered in a longitudinal study (Konu & Lintonen 2019) in which middle school students were asked questions about four areas of t...

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School Day Collaborates with Helsinki University


To kick off the fall term School Day team had a meeting with a group of wellbeing scientists at Helsinki University. Together with Katariina Salmela-Aro (Professor of Education at Helsinki University) and Ming-Te Wang (Professor of Education from the Motivation Center of the University of Pittsburgh) among others, we discussed the wellbeing phenome...

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