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School Day and Eduscape Partner


School Day boosts its presence in the US by partnering with Eduscape. We have now signed a strategic business development and reseller partnership to jointly build awareness and offer solutions for solving wellbeing issues at schools in North America. With our help you can make sure that your students are feeling well and ready to learn.

Tools for Supporting Student Wellbeing in North America 

All around the world schools are struggling with a lack of resources and time to support their students' wellbeing. It is a widely acknowledged fact that social, emotional and mental issues need to be addressed more effectively.

During the year 2019 we have visited several schools and districts in the US and it has become clear to us that North American educators, such as their colleagues all around the world, are actively looking for effective tools to help their students students feel better to be able to concentrate on learning. We have received great feedback on our wellbeing solution developed by experienced Finnish educators and global scientists, and the first Scholarship Trial Programs will be starting at the New Jersey districts in January 2020.

Our mission is to support schools worldwide with a concrete AI-backed solution for enhancing student wellbeing. We offer a time-saving, easy-to-use tool for schools to monitor your students wellbeing and provide you with advice from experienced educators on how to solve them. We are extremely excited about being able to provide US schools with effective tools to ensure your students are feeling well and ready to learn.

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