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Student Mental Health in Focus

Radnor House is an independent selective co-educational day school in Twickenham, where the pupils thrive in small classes with a strong focus on individual attention. Radnor House educates and inspires girls and boys from ages 9 to 18. 

At a Glance

Customer: Radnor House Twickenham


School Size: 445 pupils

Location: Twickenham, UK

Radnor House Twickenham


At Radnor House every pupil is met as an individual. It is intimate, yet big enough to offer an environment where everyone can fulfil their potential through a host of opportunities to make the most of their talents.  

Radnor House is active in supporting mental health and breaking taboos around it. As a tool for spreading awareness on mental health, the school implemented School Day into their weekly calendar. Especially during periods of remote learning the teachers sustained a contact with their students and gained deeper insight on how they were managing in a new learning setting. 

The Solution

The answer data enabled teachers to start conversations with their class on the most relevant and present issues.

Ready-made lesson plans helped tackling various topics in classrooms. This way the teachers were not left alone, and their skills were continuously supported. 

Frequent answering and inclusive discussions made mental health and well-being topics a natural part of the school life.

Lawrence Ellard

Lawrence Ellard

Head of Wellbeing, Head of Year 11, Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead 


“School Day has helped us obtain insight into how the pupil population is feeling; therefore tailoring our support specifically to individual needs. As a company, they have provided excellent efficiency in communication and taken on feedback to help develop the platform.”