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Colegio Alemán de Cali is an international educational institution committed to academic excellence, the integral development of the individual, democratic values, and social and environmental transformation, which, through pedagogical innovation, forms citizens of the world.

At a Glance

Customer: Colegio Alemán de Cali


School Size: 769 students

Location: Santiago de Cali, Colombia

Colegio Alemán Cali, Colombia

What's Best About School Day?

We love how School Day integrates social-emotional learning in an easy and effective way. The user experience is so easy and simple that you don't realize it's AI that's providing such a great result.

We like that it's completely confidential and protects students from being judged. We like the way the information is divided into four stages for better perception of the group. With emojis, it's accessible to all ages.

You don’t have to be an SEL expert to be able to use their solution and know how to use the information gathered to find the solutions needed.

Recommendations to Other Schools

You have to try it and get the results, slowly getting where you want to go. You need a real community feeling, starting with a small group. 

The platform is excellent. I have looked around and nothing is comparable to its amount of information and data. 

The upcoming integration with teacher health is something I am also very excited about. 

Schools may be price-sensitive, but this is a no-brainer: student well-being comes always first! 

Leonardo Paz

Leonardo Paz

ICT Coordinator & English IB Teacher, Colegio Alemán de Cali, Colombia


"School Day makes my life as a teacher so much easier. I wish I had it earlier. It helps create meaningful face-to-face conversations with students."