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How to Install School Day Teams Application

 School Day App has a teacher view and a student view. This is how you setup the app for both.

1) Set Up Student View


  • Download School Day App for the group where your students are.
  • Choose your region and "Student" as role. Students will get their wellbeing questions during the school day according to the region you have chosen.

2) Set Up Teacher View 

Download School Day App also as your personal app. That way you can use the app as a teacher to view students' answers.

  • Download School Day App for yourself when you are not in the group for students.
  • When you first open the App, it will ask you for some settings. Choose your region and "Staff" as your role.

3) Ask For Admin Consent in Teams

School Day is utilizing Microsoft Graph API to fetch your groups in Teams. As Microsoft wants to protect student data from unnecessary access, your Teams admin needs to give our app consent to access student data.

If you don't have rights to do this yourself, you can copy the link below, and send it to your school Teams Admin. It contains all the necessary info!


Great! Now you have the app installed, and you can add students to your class! 

How to do that? Check out here! 

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