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How to get started with School Day Wellbeing

We're extremely excited that you chose to join us!

Let's work on student wellbeing together! 

Here are instructions to get you started as smooth as possible!

 1) Microsoft Teams

If you're using Microsoft Teams, set up their app first with these detailed instructions! 

 Not using Teams? No problem, just go ahead to next phase!

 2) School Day App

Introduce the School Day app to your students. 

You can also show them this video!

3) Introduction Video for Teachers  

Watch this short introduction video for teachers to learn how to monitor School Day's wellbeing indicators and students' answers to questionnaires. 

4) Motivate & Remind Students 

It's easy to forget non-academic tasks during learning, so it's sometimes up to you to remind them of answering to our wellbeing questions.

Questions are visible only for the students and there is a new, but only one, set of questions waiting for the student every three hours. 

Remember also:
  • When you see wellbeing trends on the Insights page, discuss them with your students. 
  • Your students make the effort to answer our questions, so you need to show them that their effort is worthwhile.
  • Please, don't hesitate to contact us via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have questions!

Here Are More Resources to Help You Out! 

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