Juvanpuisto School in Espoo, Finland

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Wellbeing and Social-Emotional Skills at the Center of Learning and Analytics

Juvanpuisto School is located in northern Espoo, Niipperi. Nearby the school there is a small industrial area of Juvanmalmi, an old detached house settlement, and a new, tight residential area. In addition, there are also forests, fields and a golf course near our school.

The mission of Juvanpuisto School is to always see the good, and this is emphasized in many different aspects of their everyday life.

Parentsunion promotes collaboration between the school and the students' homes. They also arrange various clubs and events. Youth services and sports clubs, on the other hand, organize different hobby opportunities.

At a Glance

Customer: Juvanpuisto School


Customer Size: There are around 570 pupils in their joint comprehensive school (grades 1-9 and pre-primary education). 

Country: Espoo, Finland  

Industry: Education 

School Day Wellbeing being Used by Students at Juvanpuisto School

Customer Challenges

To understand the current wellbeing and improvement areas, the school started looking for a solution providing valuable insights to improve school culture and wellbeing. 

Our Solution

School Day Wellbeing Service was selected to amplify the students' voice and improve wellbeing. The whole-school approach was chosen by engaged students, teachers, and parents.