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We Were All So XcitED!

We were all so XcitED!

We had an incredible time at Xcited which was held last week. Xcited is a side event held at Slush ever year, which focuses on Startups aimed towards education. Over 50 startups were present on the day, with visitors from all over the world present. It was a pleasure discussing with other startups their ideas and their passion towards education. There were thoughtful talks given by many key contributors to EdTech and also the Chairman of the Board at School Day, Kari Kasanen, who discussed 'What is the price of quality in Education?'

The feedback we received was very positive. Wellbeing in the classroom is gaining attention and becoming a vital factor in education which was shown through the reactions given to us at Xcited. It was tremendous to see many people curious about how we tackle wellbeing in the classroom and the positive feedback we received was overwhelming. Many thanks to all that visited us.

Smart School Concept Launch at BETT 2019
School Day at XcitED

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