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Valuable Experiences From Pilot Schools

Valuable experiences from School Day pilot schools

Pilot users in the School Day app have been using the app quite actively and we have already over 16,000 answers! SchoolDay has sent out a weekly summary to the students of their of their own class' answers which has been found to be highly valuable.

We have also received a lot of good ideas and suggestions from pilot users, as well as bug reports on how the app works. Co-operation has worked well so far, and some of the new ideas have already been implemented in app.

Teachers in the participating classes have experienced that School Day Wellbeing has clearly given them a new outlook to class dynamics and well-being. However, perhaps the best feedback came from a student: who told us "I think it's great that we are being asked these kind of questions".

Pilot schools will continue using the app until the end of this year, and in January 2019 we will release the application for wider use in Finland.

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