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School Day Summer Updates


During the summer we have further built our Wellbeing Model 2.0 together with top scientists and many experienced teachers. One of the teachers is now part of the School Day team as a pedagogical specialist. Annika also creates content and marketing material in English for School Day, so that we can provide services also for our customers overseas. Visit our blog to read Annika's post Back to School (Day), in which she describes the advantages using School Day Wellbeing Model can bring to schools. 

In August we also met with international educational scientists at the University of Helsinki to discuss cooperation in order to enhance student wellbeing. We are excited about our future collaboration! With the help of School Day data scientists can see how learning and wellbeing interact and with the help of scientists we can build a comprehensive model to help students feel better all around the world. 

We are looking forward to the upcoming term! Have a good one! 

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