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School Day and WholeSchools form Latin America Partnership


School Day and WholeSchools have signed a strategic partnership to strengthen student wellbeing and social-emotional learning in Latin America. WholeSchools will be representing School Day, an internationally recognized student wellbeing analytics solution, to all schools across Mexico and Latin America.

School Day VP Sampo Lokki says: "During this spring it has become more obvious than ever how important student wellbeing and mental health are in learning. We are very fortunate to have found each other with WholeSchools with the help of Team Finland and through Koulu.me initiative that makes Finnish educational apps of certified pedagogical quality available to educators all over the world. I am excited about the potential that we have together with WholeSchools. Our mutual values are already showing great early results together."

WholeSchools CEO Andrea D. Ferrari says: "For WholeSchools wellbeing is at the heart of all the dimensions of school life; happy students make up happy schools. Our strategic partnership with School Day will allow us to ground wellbeing at the core of K-12 schools in Mexico and Latin America. It is an exciting time to be at the forefront of the educational sector bringing innovative and sustainable solutions that respond to the new paradigm in education. As we shift between face to face, remote learning and blended-hybrid learning models School Day allows us to safeguard the wellbeing and mental health of our students. As parents, teachers, and school leaders, we want children to reach their full potential. Putting academia aside, one of the most valuable lessons we can teach and support is emotional literacy.

School Day helps students develop self-awareness and self-management, by acknowledging how they feel. Through School Day it is possible for every teacher and school leader to play an active role in understanding the key indicators that underpin student behavior, environment, relationships and learning. School Day reinforces children's emotional and social competence and this will shape the rest of their lives. 

More information: 

Sampo Lokki, VP Sales and Partnerships

School Day Helsinki Oy

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Andrea D. Ferrari, CEO & Founder

WholeSchools Institute International

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About School Day

School Day is an EdTech company founded in Finland in 2017. Its solution collects and analyses real-time student survey data to help schools improve their wellbeing. Leaders at school and district level use these critical data insights to address students' barriers to learning and to inform whole-school decision making. Everything starts by asking students a simple question: "How are you?"

About WholeSchools

WholeSchools Institute International® is an educational consulting group based in Mexico City with a mission to empower educational institutions by implementing best practices and international programs, that will help schools enhance their competitiveness and strengthen the well-being of their educational community, in order to transform society.

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