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Knowledge Management Empowering Quality and Equality in Education


Municipalities and schools with a desire to understand and develop pedagogical solutions, remove barriers to learning and improve student wellbeing, are moving in the right direction. These schools have the ability to make decisions focusing on students and teachers by managing knowledge and information effectively. However, each school is different, and each has its own strengths.

Finding and unlocking these strengths is key to achieving educational equality in Finland. Schools do not have to be homogenous in order to be equal, but schools' must be able to use information available to develop and find their own strengths. This creates opportunities and equality for the all-round development of the school.

Different conclusions can be drawn from the Finnish Basic Education PISA results, depending on the desired lenses from the reader's or the listener's side. The results display interesting details, with solid and sound interpretations on gender differences in learning, regional differences in results, and the development of learning outcomes in mathematics. Behind the PISA results is an enormous amount of latent data that can be made visible and used to promote student wellbeing, and ultimately, leading into better learning outcomes.

Understanding is the key

Finnish schools are persistently thought to be equal and homogeneous. However, research shows that this is not always the case. The quality and maturity of schools varies by region, municipality, and even schools within the same municipality. However, regional differences cannot be explained by geographical location, inequalities in teacher training, or as evidence has shown, money and cost cuts.

By paying attention to the school's operational culture and student wellbeing we can improve learning, independent of the background factors. Improving knowledge management, empowering students and teachers, and focusing on school-specific development, Finland can once again prove to be a pioneer in global education. 

Sampo Lokki

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