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We care by doing everything with passion and interest. 

We dare by speaking our minds openly and honestly. 

We share everything transparently and continuously. 

We smile, as we do serious stuff but always with a fun attitude! 



School Day is about student wellbeing. Surely, we care about grades, but we also believe that no person anywhere should miss their childhood, youth, or adulthood, because of the pressure caused by academic achievement. We want to help every student, teacher, and school leader in this world to understand that wellbeing is more important than perfect grades.


Feel Good, Learn Better


School Day, founded in 2017, is a Helsinki-based start-up specialized in EdTech. We combine kindness with unique AI to deliver pedagogical support that improves social-emotional learning and wellbeing. Everything we do is aimed to help schools and school districts to achieve better wellbeing and higher learning results.

School Day Wellbeing is an act of empathy that gives an equal voice to everyone in the classroom. Everything that we do is based on globally known Finnish education success tailored to all educators globally. Our wellbeing model and service is created in co-operation with researchers, educators, and industry-leading software architects.

Current Job Openings


We don't have any current job openings but you can always send us an open application via email. Make sure to include your resume/CV/LinkedIn profile to the open application.