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School Day Wellbeing - Product Update!

School Day Wellbeing - Product Update!
We start 2020 with a product update! School Day Wellbeing has gone through a massive makeover on the surface, but also under the hood. Our app for students has new features, the Insights page for teachers has gone through a total makeover, and our wellbeing service has been polished together with educational scientists. 

Wellbeing Model - The Heart of School Day

​With the help of client feedback and the data we have collected, we have been developing our wellbeing model together with a group of educational scientist from the University of Helsinki. We have reviewed all the statements and questions that our surveys contain, and made adaptations for global markets. The purpose of our model is to describe and explain wellbeing phenomena in education. We also provide phenomena cards that explain current phenomena to the school staff and offer tips on how to approach them. 

Question Engine - The Brains of School Day

The question engine in our wellbeing service for schools has been completely renewed. Our surveys will now be distributed more efficiently and reliably. We have also made the scheduling of surveys more dynamic, which means that answer rate will have an effect on the survey schedules of individual students. 

We have also started sending feedback to students. Our message channel sends encouraging messages to students, but also information about the positive wellbeing phenomena in their class, e.g. "You are good at supporting each other in your class! Good job! Keep it up!"

Teachers get lots of detailed information about their students wellbeing which can be seen on the renewed Insights site. We will also send teachers phenomena cards and they can be viewed either in the mobile app or on the Insights site. 

Now that School Day Wellbeing becomes more popular around the world, we also need to keep track of our data processing. We have made many improvements to data analysis and processing in order to keep the growing amount of data organized and at our service.

Insights for School Staff

The most important tool for the school staff is the Insights. It displays all the wellbeing phenomena at your school in real time. Insights has a completely new look and we have made many improvements to the way in which we show the data so that it is most useful for schools. 

The navigation on the Insights page is based on our wellbeing model (presented above). The starting page displays the five main categories and the underlying phenomena can be found under their respective categories as in the image above. If you click open External Conditions, you will find e.g. Safety and Rules, and if you click those open you will find smaller phenomena such as Safety in the school yard and Safety on the way to school, and if you click those open, you will find the questions or statements that our app has asked your students in determining the situation in that particular phenomenon. We have also improved the graphs so that it is easy to see how many answers there are to each question. Neat! Isn't it?

Some details of the most important Insights improvements:

  • Upon signing into Insights, school staff will instantly get an overview of the wellbeing status of their school by looking at the five KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). Clicking any of the five indicators provides more details all the way down to individual statements or questions.  
  • Insights has now better scaling for mobile devices. 
  • Teachers get phenomena cards explaining which areas of wellbeing are in check and which need attention and suggesting ways to deal with them.
  • It is easy to follow how each phenomena has developed over time. 
  • Graphs are formed now faster than before. 

School Day App for Students

School Day App has also been improved. There has been a lot of work "under the hood" and as a result our improved question engine makes the app faster. We want students to enjoy our app, so we have added some fun features for them. Daily surveys pop up in the starting page now and we will be sending students messages through the message channel. We want to encourage students, give them tips on how to improve their wellbeing and give them positive feedback about those areas of wellbeing that they have in control. 

Some details of the most important mobile improvements:

  • Surveys pop up in the starting screen
  • Survey scheduling is more dynamic and depends on the rate of answering
  • There is a new tab for phenomena cards which inform teachers about current wellbeing phenomena in their class. This feature will also be available for students in the future. 
  • Students get information about their positive wellbeing phenomena through the message channel.

Support for Schools

Our mission is to support students and teachers and for that we strive to make our service as user friendly as possible. When you begin using our service, you can follow the checklist on our website and we have collected an archive of material for schools, such as a ready-made letter to the parents.  Teachers can take part in our wellbeing webinars and become certaified wellbeing ambassadors. Teachers who use our service, get our info letter with lots of ideas on how to support student wellbeing. You can always also subscribe to our monthly newsletter as well.

We are here for you and we keep checking on our schools to make sure everything is okay. For us, nothing is more important than the wellbeing of teachers and students.

Coming Up Soon

  • ​We will very soon have also web-based surveys. Then students can take our surveys with any device that has a browser. 
  • We are also building Teams integration. When that is up and running, students can take our surveys in Teams. Microsoft Teams use in education is growing rapidly, and we want to be able to answer to the demand from our customers. 
  • Our wellbeing model is being reviewed constantly. We are fortunate to have world leading scholars by our side. 
  • Students will have phenomena cards soon. Also many other app improvements are on the table. 

But now, lets enjoy the new features and do our best together to enhance student wellbeing for better learning. 

You can find the renewed and polished app in the App Store for iPhone and iPad and in the Google Play store for android. Contact us for access details! This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Juha Engman

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