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School Day Offers Rich Insight into Student Wellbeing


Have you ever wondered how your students are really doing? It often happens that you ask them 'How are you?' and they answer 'Fine, thank you.

But some of them might seem a bit quiet and it doesn't feel right to put them on the spot in front of everybody by asking them what's wrong. Some of them might seem way too rowdy but getting to the bottom of their behavior feels overwhelming. And some of them might be absent too often and there is no way for you to know why. 

"School Day offers tools for communicating the current student wellbeing phenomena to the school staff, the students and their parents by providing a rich insight into real-time wellbeing data."

School Day Insights provides teachers and school leaders with a rich amount of student wellbeing data. The data is collected anonymously by the School Day App that students use either on their mobile phones or in a browser. The app is easy to use, and it takes only a minute of the school day to tap on the icons for five randomized questions in the mornings and the afternoons. As a result, a rich pool of wellbeing data accumulates, and educators are provided with extensive amounts of anonymous, real-time wellbeing data of their students.

How to Make Use of School Day Data

School Day data is grouped into five categories, which are presented to the school staff in the form of dial charts. Those categories are called External Conditions, Social Relationships, Means for Self-Fulfillment, Health, and Social-Emotional Skills

By signing into School Day Insights teachers and school leaders see at one glance how their school is doing in these five wellbeing categories and the change that has happened from the previous week in each category. If the needles in the dial charts are pointing at the green, it means that students are experiencing those areas in their wellbeing trouble-free for the time being. You might find for example that the students are experiencing their Social Relationships or External Conditions in their learning environment in a positive way. 

This is a wonderful, positive message that should be shared with the whole staff, all students and their parents. Emphasizing the positive tends result in a positive feedback loop, which in itself helps to increase wellbeing in your school community. 

"We aim to provide schools with a comprehensive set of clear data to support student wellbeing and better learning."

However, if you notice that not all dials are showing green, School Day Insights provides you with many additional layers of data to dig deeper into the wellbeing phenomena in our school. For example, if you notice that the needle in the dial chart for External Conditions points to the yellow or red, you can click that category open and find similar dial charts for the underlying wellbeing phenomena, which in this case are Physical Surroundings, Comfort, RulesSchoolworkStudent WelfareSafetyTravel to School and Devices

By looking at the charts for these eight phenomena, you will easily notice how your students are experiencing each of them. If the charts show that your students are reporting positive feelings about Safety, you can tell them, their parents and your staff that your students and staff members are good at creating a safe learning environment. Furthermore, if the charts show that your students are experiencing negative feelings towards School Rules, you can start brainstorming how to create better rules for your school community. 

School Day Insights provides numerous schools with valuable information about the wellbeing of their students. It offers tools for communicating the current student wellbeing phenomena to the school staff, the students, and their parents. The information can be used in various ways to further develop the learning environment. 

And School Day Insights has just had a makeover that will help us group all that information even better for you. The pictures in this post are a sneak peek into the new look that will be published soon. We aim to provide schools with a comprehensive set of clear data to support student wellbeing and better learning. Hope you'll like it! 

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