The Principal’s Guide to Using School Day to Maximize the Potential of Students


In the past, we've written about the immense workload of principals. From thought leadership, financial management, improvised substitute teaching, and lunch serving during the pandemic. Work is continuous juggling between unexpected situations and round-the-clock days. There's so much to do, so many possibilities – and so little time. At School Da...

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A Partnership Between Erika’s Lighthouse and School Day Will Promote a Culture of Positive Mental Health and Wellbeing for Students in Grades 4-12


Chicago, Ill., September 6, 2022 – Erika's Lighthouse and School Day announced a partnership today to collaborate and cross-promote their resources to promote a culture of positive mental health and well-being among students in grades 4-12. Erika's Lighthouse is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to educating and raising awareness about adoles...

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How to Connect With Your Students and Understand Their Emotions


Most teachers are committed to creating strong bonds with their students, but it's a good idea to check the pulse of the teacher–class relationship every once in a while. Especially after vacations, when your students have spent a long time in a different set-up than during the school year, maybe grown a few inches, they might suddenly seem like ne...

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Towards a Softer School Culture - How to Build a Safer and More Trusting Classroom Environment


Healthy school culture is vital for school safety and effective social and emotional development. You know when the school climate is functioning well, with energized staff and enthusiastic students. Correspondingly, teachers gradually lose their drive when the school community isn't doing well. Students resort more easily to harmful coping techniq...

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Professional Development Ideas and Strategies for Teachers Who Really Care About the Well-being of Their Students


Almost as much as teaching, the job of an educator is learning. Staying curious about the world doesn't stop at growing older – instead, the ability to acquire new knowledge and skills increases the more we have in our back pockets. Unfortunately, as the daily hurdles and pressures take up the hours in and out of school, there's only a little time ...

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How to Improve Student Well-being on a Busy Schedule - Optimize Your School Day Experience


The teachers' time is sacred – there is not a minute to waste. We constantly hear from teachers who are doing everything for their students but struggle with finding the time to teach and enhance their class's well-being skills. When time is scarce, tools meant to help you can sometimes feel like just another task to take care of. That is something...

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How Can Educators Support Students Who Are Struggling with Learning Loss


What is Learning Loss? Learning loss is nothing new under the sun. The reasons behind it are manifold and derive from historical social and economic inequality. As the Covid-19 pandemic continues, the existing trends deepen and spread. Learning loss affects people of all ages, but the earlier it occurs, the more it impacts core skills such as readi...

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You Can Now Manage Both Teacher and Student Well-being With School Day!


Over a couple of years, our team at School Day has collected over 6 million student answers through our platform. The platform has been a haven for students to express their feelings in an anonymous, easy-to-access environment openly. They have seen how their answers have flourished in classroom discussions exploring meaningful topics with their te...

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Best Practices for Teacher Well-being | Feel Good, Teach Better


However comprehensive and thorough the curriculum, there is always a teacher in the center. The dullest-seeming lesson or topic can turn into something inspiring and insightful with a resourceful and passionate teacher. For many, the joy of learning and seeing the world from a new perspective is the top reason to become a teacher in the first place...

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Managing Student Well-being Needs to Start With a Deep Dive Into the Well-being of Our Educators


In our previous blog, we touched upon leading by example. However, much of the work teachers do affect or framed by their schools. So, in today's blog, we will explore how to best support and enable teachers to be the example we, as a community, need them to be. For teachers to successfully manage student well-being in their classroom, we need to s...

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Play, Curiosity, Well-being – The Secrets Behind Finland’s Education System's Success


When it comes to education, Finland has gathered a somewhat legendary reputation. There is undoubtedly a thing or two to borrow from the Finnish experience and Nordic system, succeeding both in academic performance and student happiness. To get you acquainted with what makes the Finnish school system so great, we are drawing the curtains for you by...

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Five Tips Towards Classroom Wellbeing

Five Tips Towards Classroom Wellbeing

Currently, there's a shift in the schools to focus on wellbeing in the classroom more and more. Schools in the UK have begun to implement a wellbeing curriculum into many schools throughout the UK whereby students will be introduced to issues around mental health, wellbeing and happiness from the beginning of primary school. However, there's no sim...

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Knowledge Management Empowering Quality and Equality in Education


Municipalities and schools with a desire to understand and develop pedagogical solutions, remove barriers to learning and improve student wellbeing, are moving in the right direction. These schools have the ability to make decisions focusing on students and teachers by managing knowledge and information effectively. However, each school is differen...

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School Day Wellbeing Model Analyzes, Explains and Supports Student Wellbeing

School Day Wellbeing Model Analyzes, Explains and Supports Student Wellbeing

It was a year ago when first students started using our School Day Wellbeing Solution. During the past year, we have received a lot of feedback and ideas on how to further develop our model. Our network has grown in size and knowhow, and there have been huge investments in research and product development. Nevertheless, the best...

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School Day and WholeSchools form Latin America Partnership


School Day and WholeSchools have signed a strategic partnership to strengthen student wellbeing and social-emotional learning in Latin America. WholeSchools will be representing School Day, an internationally recognized student wellbeing analytics solution, to all schools across Mexico and Latin America. School Day CEO Mika Kasanen says: "During th...

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School Day Well-being Now Available on Microsoft AppSource

microsoft-appsource-school-day-solution School Day on Microsoft AppSource

Helsinki, Finland — July 29, 2020 — School Day Helsinki Oy, a leading school- wellbeing and SEL analytics company, today announced the availability of School Day Wellbeing on Microsoft AppSource, an online cloud marketplace providing tailored line-of-business solutions. School Day Wellbeing is a Microsoft Teams app, built using Microsoft Azure, Mic...

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Latest from School Day Research!

School Day Student Wellbeing Research

I'm sure that we can all agree that we have had an unexpected spring and summer behind us. The back-to-work orientation period is starting to be over. We're now again in full gear on the things where we left off before summer. School Day's AI in Learning project began at the beginning of the year. It's the most important research pro...

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School Day and Oxford Education LIT Launch First Schools Together


School Day and Oxford Education LIT have signed a reseller partnership to support student wellbeing and social-emotional learning for English-speaking schools worldwide. Oxford Education LIT will be representing School Day in over 20 countries reaching from Latin America to the UK. Most excitingly, the first schools through the partnership are...

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Remote Learning and the Importance of Students´ Wellbeing


The world of education is changing fast and this is especially true this year with the rise of hybrid learning. We've seen educators and administrators across the world adapting quickly to build new methods of teaching and lesson planning that fit into the logistics of a remote learning environment. As teachers, we know that the hours students spen...

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School Day Launching New US Districts and Schools Together with Eduscape


School Day is expanding its presence in the US together with Eduscape, its North American distribution partner. School Day's award-winning service will be adopted by several K-12 districts and schools in early 2021. Student wellbeing and social-emotional learning (SEL) were a priority even prior to COVID-19. Now, with the rapid transition to remote...

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