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What the Data Says about the Wellbeing of the Student after 50 Days


Globally, we have found ourselves in a situation where both working people and learners in educational institutions have had to close their own homes and take care of their work and well-being almost alone. This situation is very challenging for all of us and we will hear very different stories after this "evacuation"

In the Kuopio Learning and Growth service area, two large-scale surveys have been conducted for students, parents, and teachers. They have given us a lot of information about the past multimodal teaching period. In light of this feedback, we have been able to improve our operations quickly. The latest summary of the so-called general feeling clearly shows that we have been able to improve it either by making our activities more efficient or, on the other hand, by learning new ways of working that have supported the daily lives of the respondents. In the verbal feedback, the comments are very illustrative:

  • "Our high school student has enjoyed multimodal teaching and distance school has gone well."
  • "I'm already used to distance learning now in some way and it's not as horrible at all as I thought at first."
  • "I have liked the independence and freedom to design your schedule. My studies have gone great. I have received good grades. I like that motivation is an integral part of multimodal learning. I am doing better now than in my regular studies. "
What is the general feeling (on a scale of 1-10), in the survey 29.3. and 27.4. score. Student (blue), guardians (red), teaching staff (green). Grades 1-6, 7-9 and high school.

What Can We Do with Real-Time Data?

Kuopio High School started cooperating with the School Day Wellbeing service at the beginning of 2020. From the beginning of the year, data was collected on the wellbeing of high school students in traditional high school education. We got over 200,000 responses by the month of March and together with headteachers and group leaders we were getting ideas on how we could take advantage of that knowledge in the development of upper secondary functions. Many issues were already raised through feedback in the daily lives of high schools and students saw the effects of their own responses in their own daily lives.

Due to the corona epidemic, we started multimodal teaching on March 23rd and received also access to a questionnaire related to home learning in the School Day wellness application. Now we were in a new situation and again thinking feverishly "what now?"

A Playful Race for the Groups of Kuopio High Schools

According to the instructions of the Government, we decided that multimodal teaching will continue until May 13 and we set ourselves the goal of trying to activate high school students to tell how they are doing at home. The themes of the School Day wellness application were condensed and the questionnaire was reduced from about 130 questions to 65 questions.

  • The aim was to inspire Kuopio high school students to respond actively to the School Day Wellbeing application during multimodal teaching.
  • Based on the information generated, the students' situation when studying at home and the various aspects of their wellbeing and their development at home were illustrated.
  • Through this unique situation, the aim is to find functions for multimodal teaching that would support the wellbeing of the learner.
  • Development work is carried out together with all students, principals and group instructors of Kuopio high schools.
  • After a 53-day collection of responses, it was time to reward the six most diligent groups with movie tickets.

We took data out of the School Day system on May 14 and we got to announce the race winners. Observed for 53 days, students responded 113,768 times. Here is a Dashboard view.

Since the playful competition was a competition between all groups of Kuopio high schools, the size of the high school did not matter. The students of the most active groups wanted to tell how they are doing in different categories and perhaps got help from their teachers and principals to do so. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE WINNERS!

The TEAMS view of the School Day wellness data was a great way for the group leader to go through the group results in a meeting with the students. The group leader was thus able to encourage students and give tips and guidance when needed, but above all to discuss students' feelings during home study in the light of visible indicators of wellbeing. There were several themes that are easy to start with.

We Are Still Facing a New Situation and Feverishly Wondering "What Now?

We have now gone through the results, and we are also still going through the results in real time, e.g. In the ICT Guidance and Development Group for Growth and Learning of the City of Kuopio, in the Kuopio Student Care Guidance and Development Group for Secondary Schools, in the Kuopio High School Student Care Groups, in the Kuopio High School Teachers' Meetings and of course in the high school group tutor's weekly sessions. We have now been better able to direct e.g. support for students and the work of special needs teachers, and improved pedagogical methods for distance learning. We continue to think about what new things we could produce to improve support.

We will develop the amount of data and the importance of feedback content together with students, teachers, and principals in collaboration with the School Day team and Microsoft TEAMS production management. We strongly believe that in the future, we can deliver better high school education and wellbeing for learners through faster access to data that is well visualized and easy to use for every teacher and education leader!

During the the playful competition, the principals of Kuopio high schools also identified with the role of the student and thus got acquainted with the question battery and the use of the application. The aim was to find the school with the best wellbeing status. Who won?

Jukka Sormunen

Chief of General Upper Secondary Education

Kuopio, Finland

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