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The Principal’s Guide to Using School Day to Maximize the Potential of Students


In the past, we've written about the immense workload of principals. From thought leadership, financial management, improvised substitute teaching, and lunch serving during the pandemic. Work is continuous juggling between unexpected situations and round-the-clock days. There's so much to do, so many possibilities – and so little time.

At School Day we don't want our app to be just one more box to tick off. The idea is to cut down the task pile, not the other way around.

So, to make the most of School Day here's how to utilize the app without spending an extra minute on it.

Focus on the big picture. Your principal view lets you see all the classes in your school. Check the trends, compare the differences and the answering activity. You can then build on this data to initiate discussions with your staff and make decisions about intervention strategies and resources.

Trust your staff. It is painstaking to see individual students struggle, and it's good to know if something isn't right. However, you have competent educators to take care of their classes. Support, listen, and give advice when it seems sound, but also dare to leave things in the hands of your teachers.

Celebrate the good things! Just as it's important to address alarming signs, it's worth acknowledging when there's progress. Praise the work of your teachers and encourage the students to keep up the good work.

Show your interest. Show your school that you share the ups and downs of their everyday life. Why not organize a morning assembly or visit the classrooms to tell the importance of wellbeing on every level of the school community? It can be a powerful message to really show you're all in this together.

Make it yours. You know best how to utilize the different tools to your schedule. Fortunately, our app is simple and easy to use. You'll get a lot of data, neatly packed.

Henriikka Heinonen

Guest Writer
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