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The Benefit of Asking Questions - Teachers Connecting And Cultivating Relationships With Students


One of the most invaluable things teachers have, is the close connection to their students. Spending so much time together means teachers have a unique standpoint when it comes to the long-term wellbeing of their students.

In the hurdles of everyday school life, it's often impossible to keep the pulse on how each individual is doing. Some students are talkative and open, some tend to keep more to themselves – it's evident not everyone is on the spotlight all the time.

The School Day questions have been constructed to cover all the main areas that students encounter in their everyday wellbeing. This way even the areas that don't seem the most relevant right now are constantly monitored and tracked. As the questions are the same for all, everyone gets just the same space to express their feelings, always anonymously.

One of the cornerstones of our model is consistency. By answering questions over a longer period of time, students create the habit of reflecting on their moods and wellbeing. At the same time, educators receive high-quality data on how their students are doing and how they experience life in and out of school.

Whenever you feel like diving a bit deeper into a specific question area, take our MySurveys feature into use. You can either choose the most fitting questions from our curated question library or create a question set entirely your own. This is a highly useful feature in situations that crave class-specific questions, such as when you sense there are some underlying tensions in the class, you'd like to find out about how the students spend their time outside school hours or suggest ideas for a class party or theme day. Or why not carry out a survey about how the students feel they've digested the information you've been going through recently?

In paid School Day plans you'll find MySurveys on the top menu bar on the MyClass page. Start creating a new survey and choose a title, answering period, and recipients for it. You'll then proceed to pick questions. In our curated question library, you'll find over 70 questions that deepen and elaborate the basic survey questions. These questions, too, are organized under the four main areas so that you can browse them easily. Alternatively, you can compose new questions to serve the exact needs of your class. Choose a question type of either statement, yes/no-question, or five-star rating.

After finishing your survey, it'll appear on your MySurvey page. Your students will receive it first thing as they open the app next time, and you can examine the responses by clicking on a dedicated button on the survey. You can further manage the surveys on your survey archive – browse, restore, or duplicate them.

MySurveys can be a versatile tool for further enriching the school culture! Have a chat with your colleagues about what they've asked their students and share your own tips. There's also a possibility for the principal to carry out surveys for the entire school or certain classes for an even wider picture of wellbeing at your school.

Henriikka Heinonen

Guest Writer
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