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Our August Release is Out!


Summertime is nearing its end here in Finland, and for the last couple of months, we have been working with some great new features! Some have been rolled out already during the summer. Some are just fresh out of the dev team oven. I'll give you some insights into the latest changes in this post.

Check out all the schools in your district

When you are going to Insights, you'll immediately notice new button called "Leader's view." From there, you can see the indicator development from all the schools that you have access to. You can select the schools you want to examine, and you can also see the total average of all the schools combined! You can also find other useful information, such as the total amount of answers.

All the questions in one place

Many of our users have expressed the wish to see all the questions and their metrics in one place. We heard you, and now there is a dedicated view where you can see all the questions! Just click on the "Questions"-link in the top banner, and there you have it!

Why is Eddie so Angry?

Also, quite many of our users have wondered why the Eddie face for the most favorable option so angry. Some of you have even said that it looks a bit scary. So we decided that with the worst option, Eddie should actually look more sad than angry.

We have also made other changes to the graphical elements. Most likely, you will first notice the new doodle background and new feedback card icons. Also, your students can see that we have updated graphics and layout in the student app. Hope you like the changes as much as we do!

Student Feedback Cards

Now your students also receive feedback cards based on their classes answers. Feedback cards contain information about why the feedback card is shown and some ideas on how to keep up the good pace, as well as how to improve.

Invite your students to use the app

School Day already allows you to add students to your class on Microsoft Teams directly from your groups via Microsoft Graph API. But now you can also invite students even when you are not using our solution in Teams! You can just type in the email addresses or upload a file with student emails to invite them directly to your class! Students will get an email with a unique invite link, allowing them to create their own account.

It speaks!

Many of you have also wondered how School Day's solution works with younger students who are not yet fluent readers, or with other users with reading disabilities. We have answered your question! I'm happy to tell you that we have integrated Microsoft Immersive Reader in our student web app! 

Just click on the immersive reader icon in the top right corner, and Microsoft Immersive Reader will read it aloud for you!

Other new features

Login page makeover

We made the School Day account login a bit less dominant on the screen, as some users have been confused about which login to use.

Avatars on the App

Students using mobile apps can now change the avatar picture on the app to make it more personalized! ...and don't worry, we will bring them also to the web browser app soon!

New live demo

Don't have School Day yet? No problem! We have created a live demo for you, where you can see what School Day Wellbeing can offer. See why School Day is the best education app to use within Microsoft Teams!

 What's next?

We have so many great ideas in store, and a big thank you from them also goes out to our customers and users! I'm not unveiling the curtain much yet, but I can tell you that we are right now working with the teacher questions. So be prepared, you will soon also have the possibility to add your own questions!

Hope you will like our newest features! Over and out from the engine room!

Juha Engman

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