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School Day Makes Their Platform FREE for Teachers


We made our Teacher Subscription FREE and here's why

Looking at the data collected with School Day we can see a clear drop globally - between just prior to the pandemic and the end of the 2021 school year - in how happy students are feeling.

A concerning trend in students' social-emotional wellbeing is in their relation to others and to the sense of belonging. On a global level, there has been an 8% drop from the beginning of 2020 to mid-2021 in how students have evaluated how kind they are towards others and a 6% decline both in how likely they feel they would listen to others' ideas and opinions and help others. When we talk about learning loss – this is what it looks like on the social-emotional side.

However, there are also positive trends emerging from the data collected during the pandemic. We can see a major increase in students' attitude towards and skills required for studying at home and on their own. A skill surely to be of great value in the future. We believe that the classes that will come out on top when going back to school, are the ones that can create a safe environment and openly discuss the harder topics amplified by the pandemic, while harnessing the learnings students have attained at home.

Our mission has always been to help students feel happy by developing their SEL capabilities so that they can learn better. When for example The US Administration's roadmap for re-opening schools was published, prioritizing social, emotional, and mental health, our thoughts were confirmed - now more than ever, we had to make School Day available for as many teachers as possible to do our part. To give teachers the support they need in helping their students feel good and improve their social-emotional skills. 

So, how exactly do we support teachers and students going back to school?

We ask students weekly questions about how they are feeling, provide scores and trend tracking for the whole class. We also support teachers with SEL resources for quick interventions and strategies for in-depth learning around broader topics.

In a nutshell, teachers get:

Weekly highlights generated based on what students are answering works well, and what needs improvement. They contain an explanation for why the topic is important, concrete improvement ideas, and discussion support. This way teachers can easily address and discuss issues together with students. Get a feel for what our feedback contains HERE.

Monthly Focus Area assigned around a bigger topic with a CASEL-aligned lesson plan. Download and try our example lesson plan HERE!

Why try School Day?

1. Yes, there are hundreds of great SEL resources available online, but how do you choose what topic to tackle first? And how do you make it relevant for your students? What School Day does is tailor content based on your students' exact needs by basing suggestions on student answers. This way you know exactly what topics to tackle first and can more effectively allocate your scarce time regarding SEL.

2. Why not just ask your students? This is a question we are asked often. School Day wasn't built with the most active and open student in mind – we wanted to create a safe space where all students can have their voices heard equally. For more introverted students it is easier to voice their true thoughts and feelings in an anonymous environment where they know they won't be overshadowed by more extroverted students.

3. Say you choose to tackle a topic with an SEL hour or activity, how do know if it's having the impact, you hoped it would? Since School Day tracks the progress of your class, you can concretely measure the impact your interventions are having and adapt your approach accordingly.

These are some of the reasons why we feel School Day is the best app on the market for teachers who want to help students feel good and improve their social-emotional skills.

How to start for FREE

We hope you sign up for our FREE Teacher Subscription for unlimited access to our platform including intervention strategies, CASEL-aligned lesson plans, and more.

As an added bonus, be sure to join our online community. It's a space where you can ask SEL-related questions, share ideas, and connect with other education professionals around the world.

Helena Mustelin

Helena Mustelin

Head of CX and Product
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