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Real-time data on student well-being to support students – School Day app piloted in Helsinki upper secondary schools  


Four Helsinki upper secondary schools will adopt the School Day app, developed to measure student well-being. The pilot schools are Kallio Upper Secondary School of Performing Arts, Helsingin kuvataidelukio, Ressu Upper Secondary School, and Helsinki Upper Secondary School of Natural Sciences.

The School Day model consists of four main well-being areas: Learning, Social and Emotional Skills, Social Relationships, and Wellness. The area of Social and Emotional Skills applies the structure and contents developed by the OECD. The app does not gather data on any individual students' well-being; all answers will be analyzed on a group level.

The students will answer questions related to well-being once a week on the School Day app. Tutors are provided their own group's wellbeing data, as well as tips and material on how to improve well-being. Principals and school welfare groups will gain insight into the school's overall situation and comparable data. The service also provides group-level feedback for students.

– Our aim is to obtain real-time data and analytics on student well-being and involve students in improving their well-being, says Harri Korhonen, Head of Upper Secondary Education.

Tutors and school welfare staff will regularly go through the results with the students to enhance dialogue. The goal is to further engage students in planning and implementing well-being measures at the schools.

Harri Korhonen

Head of Upper Secondary Education

City of Helsinki, Education division

Upper Secondary, Vocational, and Liberal Adult Education

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Sampo Lokki

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