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Principal View Now Available!


 As I mentioned in the blog post regarding our September release, we have been working also with a new feature called "Principal View". Now our quality control persons are also happy, so here it is, our new feature "Principal View" is now out!

Just select your school on the Insights the main page, and you will see the Principal View -button. (Please note that you must have the access right to see all the groups in your school) 

 See the Whole School At a Glance

In the Principal View, you can check out all the indicators and question answers from all the groups in your school along with other useful information from answer rates and key indicator values.

At the top bar, you can see the main numbers that include the number of groups, total answer count from the selected period, and the change in answers compared to the last two weeks. The top bar also holds the values of the key indicators, and you can also use those values to select them to be displayed in the graph.

 Easy Group Selection

 On the right-hand pane, you can select the indicator (or question) you want to view. Once you have selected the indicator you want to see, you can also notice that the class list is populated with the group values. This way you can easily sort the classes in the list, and for example, take the top three classes into comparison.

In the list, there is also the possibility to select "Total Average" that is showing the school combined value. So for example with the selection in the picture, we can easily see how groups "Elementary 1" and "Elementary 3" are compared with the school total average. 

Groups Wellbeing Visualized 

Once you have selected the groups and the indicator you want to see, the graph appears on the left side of the screen. Each group is visualized with different color, and you can spot the group color in the group list on the right.

You can also change the visualization period from the top-left of the graph, and if you want to print out the current view, that is also possible by clicking the printer icon. 

Juha Engman

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