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News from the Engine Room - September Release is Out!

News-from-the-Engine-Room---September-Release-is-Out School Day Product Updates

 Greetings from our developers! We have been pushing to get our newest features out, and now they are live! Here you can have a quick glimpse of what to expect.

Analytics Directly from Phenomenon Cards

We have received a lot of good feedback from our phenomenon cards, that point out the areas in wellbeing where the class or school has succeeded, and also the areas where there is room for improvement. Now we have also added the possibility to check the analytics directly from the card, so it's way easier to understand why we are pointing this phenomenon out.

Right now we are also working with ready-made lesson plans for the different phenomenon, you can expect to see them in October!

Quick Checkups with Wellbeing Score

We have also improved the main visualization of indicators and questions, and we are now introducing the Wellbeing Score. Wellbeing Score is calculated as 4-week rolling average, so you can have a quick glimpse of the status.

You can find the Wellbeing Score both on indicators and individual questions.

Improved Visualizations on Data

The visualizations of indicator and question values have got some really nice improvements. The new look is much more clear and has some nice freshness also regarding the user interface. The latest values are easily spotted, and the change is easy to see.

One thing to point especially out is the new Data Quality -metric. It tells the user immediately how trustworthy the data is. If only a couple of users have answered the question during the period, the Data Quality -indicator will be red. Data Quality is counted based on the overall amount of group or school users.

What's on the Table Right Now? 

Currently, we are working on ready-made lesson plans, that will be connected to our Phenomenon Cards! So when you check out the card, you can also utilize these when discussing the current wellbeing topic. Many teachers have been asking them from us to support wellbeing, and we hope that you will love them as much as we do!

Also, one great feature coming up is the Principal's View. With this feature, the school administration can easily check out the whole school wellbeing and also see how wellbeing is developing between different groups!

Stay tuned and have a great rest of the year! Over and out for a while!

Juha Engman

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