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How to Improve Student Well-being on a Busy Schedule - Optimize Your School Day Experience


The teachers' time is sacred – there is not a minute to waste. We constantly hear from teachers who are doing everything for their students but struggle with finding the time to teach and enhance their class's well-being skills.

When time is scarce, tools meant to help you can sometimes feel like just another task to take care of. That is something we want to avoid with School Day. To make sure you get the most of our app while not using any more of your precious time than needed, we have gathered a list of do's for you.

To improve student well-being on a busy schedule:

1. Class data delivered directly to your mailbox.
⚡️ Our weekly email sums up the current trends amongst your students – no need to log in on the app if you are in a hurry! For deeper analysis, follow the link to your MyClass page.

2. Feedback Support for your convenience.
⚡️ Every question also has a Feedback Support button to provide quick action points for the issue at hand. It sums up the importance of the said topic and suggests activities and discussion tips to try in class. You will find the Feedback Support by the Weekly Highlights and can browse through them on the Questions tab.

3. Resource library at the ready.
⚡️ If you are looking for a specific lesson plan, you can now find them all behind the Resources tab. Here you can see the lesson plans neatly organized by topic and age group and choose the ones that best suit you or collect ideas for your projects. Feel free to share the pdfs with a friend.

4. Mobilize your students!

⚡️  Students, too, receive Feedback Support on their app based on their answers. Have your students read through the feedback and consider the suggestions, either independently or teamed up.

And that's it. We do not want to take up your time any extra if you do not feel like it. You will always find more to explore on our webpage and app, but we do not want to take the focus away from what matters most: your students. We are offering you the data and materials as efficiently as possible. 

Henriikka Heinonen

Guest Writer
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