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Happy Pride Month from School Day!


In June, we stop to thank and support the LHBTIQ+ community and individuals who for decades have strived for justice and continue to do so. Everyone has the right to proudly be themselves, free of anybody else's prejudice. This is a core message at schools, too. Every student deserves to feel that they belong and be appreciated for who they are. This should not happen only during the dates of commemoration and celebration, but every single day.

Silence is a suffocating force. It builds barriers and distances us from each other. The consequences of suppressing one's identity are often devastating, and no one, young or old, should suffer from the fear of speaking out. However, opening your mouth when unsure of others' reactions is easier said than done. Young people observe carefully what others do, say, and leave unsaid. Teachers and caregivers have a significant role in shaping the discourse of sexuality and gender. It is crucial to present the world as it is – diverse and rich.

We encourage all staff at schools to actively support their students to be themselves and talk openly about diversity and gendered roles. It is as important for the students to understand that they can be whoever they are, as well as to respect everybody else. Being human is about openness, togetherness, and curiosity. We are all individuals with a unique combination of qualities and preferences. Let's not teach unnecessary stereotypes to young people, who benefits from them anyway?

Pride month offers amazing activities worldwide. Find your local program hereIf you happen to be in Finland, visit the pride calendar here

Show your support one way or another: use your voice to help everyone find their own 💙 

Much love, 

the School Day Team.

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