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Happy National Substitute Appreciation Week Educators!


There are around 270 000 substitute teachers in the US.

The art of being a substitute teacher is a delicate one. Jumping into new classroom situations, building trust and confidence from scratch. Taking over from someone else's curriculum and plans within just a short warning. Continuously adjusting to different dynamics both in the classroom and among fellow teachers. That is a job description not for the fainthearted!

Ensuring that there's always a safe adult close by, and that the students don't miss out on school even, when their own teacher is not available, is crucial for social and emotional learning. Even if the relationship with the students does not last very long, every moment spent with them can be meaningful. The things students remember and value can often seem trivial, but a lesson well taught, an encouraging smile, or lending of a sympathetic ear can have long-lasting impacts for an individual student – or a whole class of them!

Even when the days are long, tasks challenging, and there seem to be no visible results, bear in mind that what invaluable work substituting is. So, here's to every substitute teacher – thank you for your daily efforts! 🧑‍🎓💙 

Henriikka Heinonen

Henriikka Heinonen

Guest Writer
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