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Continuing Social Emotional Learning During Summer Break


Social emotional learning (SEL) programs in schools have been instrumental in helping students learn how to better manage their emotions, build better relationships, and articulate their feelings. But what happens when summer comes? How do parents and other care providers help ensure that social emotional learning can continue?

How Parents Can Continue SEL Throughout the Summer Break

Parents and other caretakers can help support social emotional learning throughout the summer with some simple activities. Here are some we recommend:

Emotional Check-In

Just as students do at school, have children check in each day with their emotions. By doing this in the morning, you can address anxieties and give children the opportunity to talk through what they are feeling and experiencing.

Journaling Fun

Get some art supplies and some inexpensive notebooks and encourage children to keep a summer journal. They can write about whatever they want, decorate the pages with stickers and their own artwork, and share their creativity.

Go to the Library!

The library is a wonderful resource for kids during the summer. Many libraries offer reading programs where children are incentivized to read a certain number of books over the summer to earn prizes. Some libraries also offer learning and social programs that can help children stay connected to peers and the community during the summer break.  

Play Dates

Organize play dates with friends or even siblings, to foster relationship building and enhance communication skills. Encourage children to practice social skills, negotiation skills, and cooperation.  

Get Active with Your Kids

Whether you go hiking or take a bike ride together, getting out and doing something physical can help children process the emotions they are feeling and burn off the stress they might be experiencing. It also sets a great example of a healthy school-life balance, especially if they see adults participating.

Summer doesn't have to be a time where children lose ground on developing the precious skills they need for success in school and in life. Just a few small activities each week can keep them connected to their feelings and promote wellbeing.

Learn more about our social emotional learning model here: https://www.schoolday.com/resources/model 

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